Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

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Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

Hello! My name is Vince. Last year, I learnt a very important lesson - if you do not look after the glass in your home, it will not look after you. You see, I hadn't really inspected, cleaned or carried out any maintenance work on the glass windows and doors in my home. One day, during a storm, the glass in one of my windows shattered. I didn't know what to do. When I called in a glass contractor, he said that the glass had failed due to a hairline crack. He replaced the other pieces of glass in my home and gave me some advice about glass care.

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Buying a House? Replace the Windows to Increase Security and Make Energy Savings

When buying a new house, homeowners are always occupied with aspects of the home such as the overall design, floor plan, furniture and fixtures, and the colours. However, it is also important to consider the windows and their effect on energy consumption. Replacing some or most of the windows can be a great way of giving the property a fresh look while maximising energy savings. The following are some of the factors that should help you determine whether to replace existing windows before moving into the new house.

Age of the windows

How old is the home that you are buying? An old building that has never had any renovations may have older windows. Besides looking worn out or damaged, old windows may also not have any features to enhance energy savings. For example, if they have single glass panels, it means that they can contribute to heat loss from the house. Replace such windows with new, double-glazed ones to increase their efficiency and functionality. If the windows are damaged, you can factor the cost of replacement in the price and ask for a discount when you make an offer.

Size of the windows

Gone are the days where homes had small windows that allow little natural light to pass through. Today, houses are built with large windows that allow natural lighting and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. If your new house has small windows, consider replacing them with larger ones to save energy. Besides opening up the home, large windows will also increase the curb appeal of the property by giving it a classy look. Besides the windows, you can also replace your patio door with a bi-fold glass one to open up the house to the outdoors.

Level of security

Windows can make or break your home's security systems. Poor-quality glass that can easily break leaves your home vulnerable to burglars. You need to replace them with high-quality glass and add a security screen as well. Unlike bars, security screens increase security without affecting the aesthetics of your windows. What's more, they also keep annoying bugs out of your home. As you aim at burglar-proofing the windows, pay attention to their locking systems as well. Go for quality locks that cannot be manipulated from outside by intruders.

Replacing the windows in your new home is the first step to increase energy savings and improve security. Contact a contractor who can assess the existing windows and recommend the best replacement options.