Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

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Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

Hello! My name is Vince. Last year, I learnt a very important lesson - if you do not look after the glass in your home, it will not look after you. You see, I hadn't really inspected, cleaned or carried out any maintenance work on the glass windows and doors in my home. One day, during a storm, the glass in one of my windows shattered. I didn't know what to do. When I called in a glass contractor, he said that the glass had failed due to a hairline crack. He replaced the other pieces of glass in my home and gave me some advice about glass care.

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Two Tips to Follow When Looking for the Perfect Shower Screen

If you're on the hunt for the perfect shower screen for your bathroom, these tips could be helpful.

Consider a shower screen with a grid if you struggle to keep your shower screen clean

Shower screens with grids not only look good but are also a great choice for anyone who finds cleaning their shower challenging. If, for example, you find that you often miss some spots when wiping water off the shower screen glass, then a grid shower screen could make this chore less frustrating, as you can simply choose a row or a column of squares to clean each day.

By picking a few squares of the shower screen's grid to clean every morning after your shower, the entire screen will get a wash over the course of a week or so, and you'll be less likely to, for example, forget to wipe down a particular corner. Instead of wiping the glass with your squeegee in random directions in the way that you would with a plain shower screen, each day you'll wash a specific set of squares in a specific section of the shower screen. Additionally, the horizontal sections of the frame that makes up the grid will prevent the water that lands on the top of the shower screen from travelling too far downward; this could reduce the number of water splotches that form in the lower areas.

Ensure the shower screen has some style elements that work with your bathroom's decor

It's also important to get a shower screen that has at least one style element that will work with your bathroom's decor. For example, if you buy the aforementioned grid shower screen and the hardware on your bathroom cabinets is black (or if you've opted for black bathroom accessories), then buying a shower screen with a black grid frame would ensure that the screen matches this element of the bathroom decor.

Similarly, if you have a lot of curved features in your bathroom (such as a bathtub with curved edges and half-circle bathroom cabinet handles), then it would be better to get a shower screen whose upper half features a curve than one which features a right angle. Choosing a shower screen like this will ensure this item doesn't clash with other parts of the bathroom or look like it doesn't belong, due to its style contrasting too much with the bathroom's decor. 

For more info, contact a company that sells shower screens