Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

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Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

Hello! My name is Vince. Last year, I learnt a very important lesson - if you do not look after the glass in your home, it will not look after you. You see, I hadn't really inspected, cleaned or carried out any maintenance work on the glass windows and doors in my home. One day, during a storm, the glass in one of my windows shattered. I didn't know what to do. When I called in a glass contractor, he said that the glass had failed due to a hairline crack. He replaced the other pieces of glass in my home and gave me some advice about glass care.

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Summer Storms Are On Their Way - Do You Know How To Reduce The Impact Of Broken Windows?

Summer has not officially started yet, but the Bureau of Meteorology is already warning Queenslanders about what to expect during the upcoming storm season. Since you have only just moved to Queensland, you have heard about the violence of these storms, but you have never experienced one yourself. It is important you prepare before the storm season begins so that when damage strikes, you can contain the impact it has until help arrives. Because a lot of debris flies in the wind during storms, broken windows are not uncommon. So, how do you stop a broken window turning into major water damage in your home? Use these tips to protect yourself between the time of the break and the time a glass repairer arrives.

Cover the broken window quickly

Step one in protecting your home from storm damage is to seal the broken window as fast as you can. There are several different ways to do this from inside your home:

  • cut thick plastic sheets to a size larger than the window pane and affix into place using duct tape
  • cut open plastic trash bags and tape these over the window area using duct tape
  • cut open a large cardboard box and tape this over the window area using duct tape
  • cut strips of duct tape long enough to cover the width of the window; overlap each new strip by half a centimetre until the window is fully covered

The faster you cover the window; the less water can enter your home. Now is the time to visit your home hardware store to buy thick plastic sheets to cover two or three windows and three rolls of duct tape, so you are prepared for a broken window if it happens. Duct tape is the ideal tape for use on broken windows during wet weather as it is water resistant.

Move furniture and electronics

After sealing the broken window, it is time to move furniture and electronics well away from the window to prevent damage if small amounts of water still leak through. Move furniture to the other side of the room if you can. Electrical outlets should be switched off at the wall. Unplug all electronics plugged into them, and move them far away from the window. If you have a concern about the amount of water already inside the home and near the electrical outlet, go to the main fuse box in the garage and cut the power to the room. You do this by locating the fuse switch for the room (each one is labelled) and turning it to the 'off' position.

Once you have covered the window and moved your furniture, place a call to your local 24-hour emergency glass repair company. However, be mindful that they are unlikely to head out to your home until the worst of the storm has passed. For more information, contact companies like Koala Glass.