Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

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Keeping Glass in Top Condition: A Guide

Hello! My name is Vince. Last year, I learnt a very important lesson - if you do not look after the glass in your home, it will not look after you. You see, I hadn't really inspected, cleaned or carried out any maintenance work on the glass windows and doors in my home. One day, during a storm, the glass in one of my windows shattered. I didn't know what to do. When I called in a glass contractor, he said that the glass had failed due to a hairline crack. He replaced the other pieces of glass in my home and gave me some advice about glass care.

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Installation Tips for Your Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks act as a barrier for stains when you are using your sink or the stove. They are also useful for aesthetic purposes since they are available in different designs. A bright coloured splashback will make your kitchen appear more attractive than a dark one. It all depends on your preferences and tastes. Below are several installation tips that you should consider when installing glass splashbacks:

Ensure that it matches the theme of the room

An ideal splashback should complement the theme of the kitchen. Although it should be unique, it must blend with the surrounding environment. This can be done by matching the colour of the splashback to the colour of the room. For example, if your kitchen has red tiles and curtains, you can select a glass splashback with a red shade.

Be creative

Most houses come with basic splashbacks that are solely built for functionality. However, since you are the current owner of the house, you can make some renovations for the splashbacks to showcase your personality. Some of the unique designs that you can adopt include installing splashbacks that have pictures in the background or artwork. These are really beautiful and will give visitors to your house something to talk about. Another interesting idea is to use images that create illusions in the background. In this way, the pictures can appear to be moving when you look at them.

Remove any stains made by the sealant during installation

Silicon is used in the installation process to ensure the splashback sticks to the wall. It is applied to the back and around the entire splashback. If you decide to install it personally, there are chances that some stains will remain on the splashback or the wall. Most of these stains are difficult to remove once they have dried, which spoils the look of the glass splashback. Make sure that each stain is wiped away immediately after you have completed the installation process.

Take proper measurements when making the order

Once you select a suitable design, you have to countercheck with the measurements of your kitchen to make sure that it fits perfectly. Most stores can make these slight amendments at no extra cost. Once the splashback is delivered to your home and it fails to fit into your kitchen, it causes a problem. Trying to cut the splashback is also difficult since they are made using toughened glass. You can even end up destroying it altogether.